When lumber, sheetrock, cabinets and other components of construction begin showing up at the construction site, it’s easy to get excited and want to quickly put everything together at once. But without a way to secure everything together, the construction would collapse. In business, this looks like building the website and telling everyone you’re open for business but not having all the parts needed to attach to and support the business side of the website.  In this module you will learn:

  • The many attachments that go into having a fully-functional sales machine that runs on autopilot

  • How to construct the website step-by-step and it’s associated supporting services

  • How to create an irresistible offer that serves you and your clients well

Module 3 Lessons


When your business functions as it’s supposed to, you can be confident in what you communicate to your clients. Learn how to construct a delivery that creates value for your clients and nets money for you.
Email service providers (ESPs) allow you to target the right followers with the right message at the right time thanks to actions they’re taking in response to your words. In this video tutorial, you’ll learn how to use ESPs.
Learn how to communicate your authority, expertise and address your avatar's pain points or needs. Find out how you present your solution to them as you further identify with them.
Visual appeal is important. Your brand needs it’s own visual style to set it apart as well. Discover your brand preferences in font, imagery, colors and designs in this video training.
Your business has a primary product or service offer. Repurpose or streamline your content into new products or services, including digital downloads, coaching, and more. Learn how in this video tutorial.
Now that you’ve written your communication, shared your heart and made the offer, you present your offer through your sales funnels. Learn about the different types of opt-ins, how to create them and where to place them.
Logos represent your visual brand. Even if you’re using it as springboard for further design, learn about the different elements of and how to create your own logo for free in this training.
Finding amazing, on-brand, royalty-free images is easy. Learn how to adapt the images to fit your brand style and watermark them with your logo as well as make a digital copy of your ebook or dvd.
Social media is an extension of your brand and one of the most effective tools for influence out there. Learn how to use it and what tools will help to leverage your brand in this training.
In this training, you will learn how to choose which social media platform is best for your brand, how to use each platform, which platform to start with and more. You'll also get ideas for opt-ins.
In this lesson, you'll learn to create a brand wordbank, install the plugin to help with brand color identification, identify your brand fonts and create social media templates for each platform.
Facebook as a business platform can be intimidating; learn the Facebook page roles and explanations, the IFTTT rules and how to interpret your analytics from the Facebook platform.
In this training, you'll learn about Twitter as a platform expander with tools such as Twitter cards, MeetEdgar / SmarterQueue / RecurPost, Twitter chats and more. You'll also learn about Twitter analytics.
Instagram can grow a brand, sales and viral traffic very quickly. Learn about the visual planners you can use to scale your business, how to understand your analytics and more.
A business account on Pinterest requires a unique profile and registration process. Learn the exact step to take as well as how to schedule without stress and grow your referring traffic.
LinkeIn is the secret weapon to growing your ideal client database. Become a thought-leader and gain paying clients quickly and with minimal effort using this social media platform.
In this training, you’ll learn about the various components of a website, including the sections of a website, how to make product images for your business and how to accept payments on your website.
A website should be able to grow with your brand. This matters because changing platforms later can damage your ranking for domain authority and more. Learn the difference in platforms.