Course Modules


In this module you will learn the most common source of business failure and how to avoid it, how you’re uniquely wired to support your greatest dreams and why confidence in who you are translates to your business.
In this module you will learn where is your Authority in business, what you need to protect what’s yours in business and Brand, and how to communicate your Authority in a way that brings business.
In this module you will learn the many attachments that go into having a fully-functional sales machine that runs on autopilot,how to construct the website step-by-step and it’s associated supporting services and how to create an irresistible offer.
In this module, you will learn the many ways to scale your ROI, business model and influence, how to multiply income streams and how to expand your Brand Authority in business.

Bonus Modules


This module addresses the most common areas of challenge to having a thriving business, professional and personal life. The topics covered in this module include relationships, money-saving strategies and healthcare as an entrepreneur.