Course Lessons


Good business does not start with a good model; it begins with you and who you’ll serve. Discover who you’ll serve, how you’ll make money and how you’ll scale your training model in this training.
DO NOT FILE for a legal entity today; you’ll file tomorrow for your legal entity. If you already have an LLC or domain name and it doesn’t fit the instructions in this lesson, don’t panic! Find out why.
Secure your legal, financial and marketing domains in a single day. Then, in a bonus teaching, you’ll begin learning how to protect your new company by establishing your business boundaries in marketing.
How you communicate your business style comes largely through the fonts, images, color and language . The first of these visual components is broken down in this teaching.
Your logo communicates a great deal about you, your business and your business style of operation. Find out how to choose the best logo design and design elements for you.
Email is worth 63x more than your social media following. Learn how to set your message, your text and your email services in this training. Plus, you’ll learn how email can fast-track your business growth.
A core element of business is relationships. Relationships are built through the know, like and trust factor. Telling your story, sharing your why and then connecting it with others who have a similar why is a key piece of growth.
Discover what makes an ideal client, the different categories of client types, and how to communicate with a new introduction so that they become a client. Also, learn how to retain clients.
Learn how to walk the line between getting paid what you’re worth and getting paid by what people can afford. See how to navigate the tug-of-war between establishing a new business and growing an established business.
Learn about the risks and rewards of using a facility, the seasons that you should consider their use, discover the alternatives and find out how to make the best decision for your business.
Taxes is the dreaded word for many business owners. Learn how to identify what influences your finances and how you can avoid being forced to make business decisions solely because of low finances.
Online payments are worth the 3% average charge because it prevents no-shows, false estimation of attendance for camps and clinics and saves you time and money because you keep your time slots filled.
Part of protecting your business is through legal disclaimers, especially if you plan to collect online payments, use Facebook advertising and more, having your legal work organized is vital to your business.
In this lesson, you’ll learn how to put your business on display for all the world to see! After you’ve gathered all the pieces in your download, you’ll get walked through step-by-step how to put it all together in the video training!
Social media is an extension of your brand and one of the most effective tools for influence out there. Learn how to use it and what tools will help to leverage your brand in this training.
In this training, you will learn how to choose which social media platform is best for your brand, how to use each platform, which platform to start with and more. You'll also get ideas for opt-ins.
Facebook as a business platform can be intimidating; learn the Facebook page roles and explanations, the IFTTT rules and how to interpret your analytics from the Facebook platform.
Learn some of the tips and tricks that have not only expanded the GFT business but also generate significant income as well. Plus, you’ll learn how to continue growing through Facebook ads.
Put up walls of protection around your business domain. Secure what’s yours and learn what you need to protect your new business as you grow and scale your new training business.
Word-of-mouth referrals will always be the number one way to grow your business but digital testimonies and social proof are important. Learn how to make sure you get the review and what to do with a bad review too.
Learn how to put the processes in place before you’re big money so that you can keep the majority of your income and determine where you’d like to spend it. And, because you asked, the link is provided to the Jay-Z song.
We leave you with final tips for separating yourself from others, dealing with the competition and continuing to grow your business, name and influence. And one final tip on scaling your income beyond the training.
You've seen the bonus content. Learn how to grow from a business into a BRAND. Find out how to monetize your experience and knowledge into multiple streams of income in this program.