Welcome to the BIZ component of ESBA. This is our 1st Tier of entrepreneurship training. 

The program should take you approximately 4 hours to complete and provide you with a checklist for a successful business launch.

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Course Modules


According to Bloomberg, 8 out of 10 business start-ups won’t survive 18 months. Why? Because the entrepreneur's greatest struggle is focus. Learn the basics of building a brand from the beginning, while building the right way.
Get the fastest crash-course ever created for setting up a business the right way from day 1. Conveniently broken into topic-based checklists for easy reference, learn the must-haves to get a business launched within a few hours time.
Plenty of demand for a great product creates great business. In this training, learn how to (a) find, (b) catch and (c) convert your ideal paying customer for your business.
Many business start-ups make the mistake of choosing what to sell without understanding who they’re selling to or how they’ll sell it. In this download, learn how to choose the best services.
Without a good foundation, you cannot scale. Learn how to secure your boundaries and create a solid foundation with legal, financial and marketing steps. Then, start building your new business.
Learn the 7 rules for successful pricing, how to collect payments that don't leave you holding the check and how to set your prices by what your clients can afford.
Now you know the steps to take. Want more accountability? Wish we could walk you through the steps? Check out the BUILD program! Learn how Jeremie earned $2.5k in 20 days from the beginning plus how he grew GFT into a full-time company!