This module contains content you won’t find in any MBA program but each lesson contains straight talk about the most common areas of challenge to having a thriving business, professional and personal life. The topics covered in this module include:

  • Dealing with relationships

  • Maximizing money-saving strategies

  • Having good health and healthcare as an entrepreneur

Bonus Lessons


'Normal wear and tear' for the business owner is not limited to physical products; emotional and financial and relational components are all a part of business. Learn what maintenance steps to take.
The 'M' word is very much a part of entrepreneurship more than any other job. In this lesson you'll learn how to handle the stress of entrepreneurship and it's influence on your marriage.
Boundaries are healthy and important to your personal, business, financial and family life. Find out when it’s okay to work with family and what you need in place before the hire (or fire).
Learn what additional boundaries you need to secure and how to deal with conflict so that you don’t leave gaps or weakened areas in your wall, including solid on-and-off-boarding.
Discover the four core emotions thieves use and the two fatal flaws to avoid in your own processes. Identify the ways you can take control and what steps you need to keep your business safe.
No one can love their work every single day. Learn how to recognize the seasons, types, and pressures that serve as warning signs to burnout and what you can do to prevent burnout.
Many business owners make decisions about a seasonal problem with a permanent solution mindset. Learn the top six causes of hard times in business and how to avoid or overcome them.
Lean seasons are an excellent opportunity for growth, taking stock and getting ready for new growth. Find out what you can do to grow your business when others are going out of business.
Your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health should be the priority of your brand. In this lesson, learn what resources are available and how you can get the best care for your health.
Be prepared ahead of time for what money is due where and when. Learn about the tax breaks and strategies available to you as an entrepreneur and discover the best bookkeeping software on the market.
Accountability brings credibility. Find out how you can build accountability into your business and raise the stock of your brand significantly both in and outside the business world.
Saving is simple, slow math; investing in others is exponential multiplication. Learn who to sow into, how to help without hurting, and how to decide if it’s best to work alone or partner with others.
True growth comes from time and pressure. True entrepreneurs never stop learning, innovating and growing their brand or expanding their vision. Find out what areas need cultivation and pruning.
Learn the simple steps to writing effective copy that connects to your audience, how to split-test your message and how to turn email sequences into money-making funnels that run on autopilot.
Every single component of business is built on and through relationships. Read the story told in this training of the Oilman and the Giant; learn how you can bank on your future in business through relationships.
Working with other brand influencers is one quick way to grow your own brand even more. Learn who is a good candidate to collaborate with and how to protect the relationship in this training.
If you feel isolated as an entrepreneur, chances are you’re missing out on the many benefits of being part of a community. Follow this step-by-step guide to learn how to facilitate community.
Investors are long-term relationships that often do not carry a termination date. Learn how to both be an investor and work with investors in your products in this training.
When you give gifts,you are setting the standard for the culture of the relationship. Your brand value is elevated by the gift you give and includes intangibles such as generosity and care.
Podcasting is a still-new but rapidly growing area for businesses to create influence and expand their brand. Learn the statistics of growth and how to implement this technology to expand your brand.