Longevity is the key. One of the most common traps business start-ups fall into is the drive to get rich quick. This goal skips the foundational work and subconsciously allows you to settle. Take the time to pour a deep foundation, with proper boundaries for protection. When done well, it’s not that much time or extra effort and will give you the proper base for future growth. In this module you will learn:

  • Where is your Authority in business

  • What you need to protect what’s yours in business and Brand

  • How to communicate your Authority in a way that brings business

Module 2 Courses


Authority in business is the absolute certainty that you know yourself, your knowledge and your ability to bring success to others by what you’ve overcome. Discover where it comes from and why it's a good thing.
Boundaries create barriers of protection and provide support to your business structure. They communicate your ownership and authority to others. Discover how this protects you legally as well.
Muscle memory from practice wins games. Learn how you can build those same reflexive actions into your business so that in times of crisis you can deliver a clutch performance!
Business success comes from two places: solving a problem or gaining a desired thing. Learn to identify what kind of problems you will solve or solutions will you provide with your business.
Learn how to identify your sphere of influence, take control of it and use it to create massive value in your life and business. Find out how to recognize, control and use your influence in business.
Discover the four key steps you should take, important steps to consider before settling on a name or concept. Find out why in this introduction to mapping out your utilities and business blueprint.
Money is a tool; a resource. However, money needs walls of protection around it. Without walls, money is easily stolen. Learn what walls to build around your finances and how to build them around your finances.
Pressure exposes dross in our personal and professional lives. Before money and time are invested, you should validate the need and the market. Discover the steps to take and how to test before market.
Would you try to sell a vegetarian your beef supply? You would realize they're not the target audience for your beef. Learn how to discover who you're talking to and why this helps you make sales.
In this lesson you will learn how creating and selling a minimum viable product (MVP) validates the likelihood your product will succeed in the marketplace saving your business time and money.
In business, a blueprint provides a step-by-step overview of a process, including what should be happening simultaneously in other areas of business for the processes to connect and fully function.
You will not choose a legal structure in this component but will identify how your decision-making in everyday business affairs can influence the stability of your entire structure.
For a true snapshot of how a business is doing, you look at it’s Pro forma. Keeping a pro forma is not to build confidence or deflate drive but to tell a portion of the business story through numbers.
Leadership begins with the one: you. It’s important then to unite others and build a brand based on a shared vision. Learn how to lead your brand through defining your business mission and vision statements.
When you work with other people, you are taking risk in your business. Learn how to protect your business against risk while still nurturing relationship with the people you serve.
Do NOT secure an LLC or other entity yet (unless you came into the program already owning one). Do your research and work in this lesson and the next two; you’ll secure everything in a few more days.
How your website looks is just one part of the equation. Find out which platform is best for your business and then later, you’ll learn the step-by-step process of constructing the website for your brand.
In this lesson, you'll collaborate with your lawyer and banker to establish your domain. Once your LLC is secure, also book your URL and your associated social media handles.