What's Next (After Biz)

Wouldn’t you like to have someone who could tell you how they started a business in a recession & grew it to a 6-figure income in less than 3 years?

What if you could have their exact roadmap & could skip their mistakes, mishaps & instead, learn from their every step? That’s what ESBA is all about! And you can start today by enrolling in the ’20 days to 2.5k’ course!

A LOT of people try this business only to fail within a few short months. Many people teach skills but never expand beyond that scope of work. Even with their efforts, they still fail to produce results.

The ’20 days to $2.5k’ course in Elite Sports Business Academy (ESBA) that is the online business program for starting a sports training company from scratch. Since starting my own training company 10 years ago, my income went from 0 to 6 figures in less than 3 years – and in a recession no less! Find out why so many of my competitors either failed or could not move beyond the 1-person show and how I was able to not only work but GROW my business & allow my doctor wife to be a stay-at-home mom to our daughters!

The BUILD program is 20 days

Let me tell you a secret: Success is more about recognizing the player as an individual.

Have you ever met any of these ‘professionals’?

  • The DIY’er: This person ‘knows enough’ about sports and business and has seen the success of others & thinks he’s seen enough to do it on his own.
  • The Hater: This person says, “That will never work! Doing private one-on-one’s won’t sell – you’ll have to do large groups or coach club or academy – like me!”
  • The Seasonal Teacher: This person does teach a sport – but it’s a part-time opportunity at best and she can only do this in the summer when she’s home from college.
  • The Part-Timer: This person also teaches sports but it’s around their coaching position & many parents pay for lessons because they feel compelled to for favor with the coach.
  • The Marketer: This person is a marketing genius. He tells people that he played pro as a youth in another country. However, he never played professional and truly never played past high school age.

These types of people will not last more than a few years at most.

Do you dream of playing sports for a living beyond the professional arena?

As a former professional soccer player trying to figure out “what’s next” and as a father & husband who needed to provide, I always wondered what I would do to make a living after I was done with professional soccer. I had many ideas, including how to coordinate coaching multiple teams like I saw many of my friends doing. While Global Fútbol Training (GFT) has grown to being one of the most recognized soccer training brands & we now have collegiate and professionals who are former students spreading the GFT word, this was not always my story.

Not that many years ago, I was in a tough situation. I was a professional soccer player and an expectant father without a big enough paycheck to justify moving my family around from country-to-country or state-to-state without enough time to plant deeply rooted friendships.
Since college I had offered training during my off-season and that particular off-season I was also working at Stanford University with the soccer camps.

I saw quickly how I did NOT enjoy coaching – I wanted to see IMMEDIATE improvement in a kid’s technical ability. I started doing private skills lessons as an aside job to the Stanford work. Still not able to see beyond the professional career, my mind couldn’t let go of “what’s next” as we prepared for a new baby. One day, after a private training session, a gentleman complimented my training & encouraged me that I could build something with this skill. Global Fútbol Training was born.

Since then, my training methodologies and techniques have been validated by collegiate and professional athletes as well as professional trainers and young clients. Parent testimonials and college scholarships for GFT players have only fueled my passion and the growth of GFT.

I began recruiting former professionals and friends to train with me and one trainer, a college All-American & All-American of the Year exclaimed 3 months after working with me, “Man, I’m better [technically] than I’ve ever been in my life!” He said he wished he had had the training earlier in his life.

The incomplete solution

I wanted to do for others what that gentleman had done for me – inspire. However, there were answers I could not provide to many former colleagues, teammates & college buddies – how to not only DO the skills but the business model that so many before me had tried and failed. These people were asking me to train and teach them in both as they looked for retirement options & alternatives to coaching. It didn’t matter how many camps or clinics they worked with me they always wanted more..and I couldn’t give them more without taking away from my own family and work.

As my oldest daughter says: Not Good.

I explored franchising, training seminars, and more but in the end I found that mostly people needed the encouragement and step-by-step process that I followed – what to do and not to do along with all the pitfalls I encountered along the way – and so ESBA was launched.

A custom solution that’s as unique as you & your experiences

Now I don’t have to turn anyone away and can answer the specific questions for your specific sport – from professional soccer players looking for an off-season & retirement solution to triathletes wanting to mentor others or basketball players who want a platform for talking about life-choices. ESBA allows each business to be as highly unique & based on your unique personality and experience, approach and goals.

ESBA is the trusted guide I wished for over 10 years ago. ESBA is a gold mine for all aspects of a successful sports business and is provided in a step-by-step format. ESBA has videos, downloads & assignments that will help you identify your unique ‘voice’ (for teaching, communicating & growing – an essential piece for authentic relationships), marketing, & the step-by-step plan to create an awesome sports business platform of your own. You CAN do it!

What makes ESBA so different? It’s about you, authentic community, real relationships, & creating purpose and value. That is my story – of going from nothing to 6 figures in less than 3 years while putting family first; employing an average of 10 people from part to full time, & creating my own community and supportive relationships.

What are you waiting for? You’ve got nothing to lose!

The BUILD program is 20 days