What's Next (After Build)

Becoming a business brand is the third step in ESBA.  Having a recognizable, trustworthy platform that people want to have relationship with is very valuable. This translates to business opportunities, additional income streams, working smarter and not harder.

Learn how to scale your business, your platform & your passion into a recognizable BRAND that will provide you lifestyle freedom. We’ll walk you step-by-step through creating your mission / vision / values, monetizing your business in multiple ways on multiple platforms, creating digital products, growing your e-mail list (& why that’s vital to your success), defining your passion for others (how will you give back) & more!

Do you want lifestyle freedom? Have you thought about what that would look like for you & your family? Just imagine what if:

  • You could have more time and money while living your dream (NOT someone else’s dream)?
  • You could NOT coach, where you’re subject to the whims and schedules of others, but train.
  • You could make your own schedule around your travel or family needs and gather new clients in your sleep?
  • Imagine someone handing you the step-by-step business plan they followed to success without asking for a franchise fee or royalties.

What if you could have that person give you the support and a lifetime community of like-minded people and begin creating your own path to a 6 & 7-figure income?

You can have ALL of this and more if you have a desire to be your own boss, have experience as an athlete & have a passion for your sport.

The BRAND program is 12 weeks

Sports unify people. They bring out passion & create bonds between the most unlikely people. Athletes have that same influence. Because of our experiences in sports, we often have a natural platform that many others do not have. That is one reason why many athletes make money as motivational speakers when they’re done playing sports or are asked to be the ‘spokesperson’ for businesses or business ventures. People listen to them!

Creating your BRAND voice is the final step of ESBA. Here is where we drill down into your unique story & experiences & help you identify what your unique platform is & if there is more than one way your business should be monetized. This section of the course is founded on StrengthsFinders & helps you know exactly the story you want to share & with whom you want to share it.

There are many platforms from which athletes can make money but we want you to find your unique style of approach. This helps you avoid burnout, cope with the tough times, & scale beyond imagination. Your uniqueness is what you should embrace most! That is why we name certain moves for certain players – their unique spin is what made the style of play or save so amazing!

For example, if you want to tell your story as an athlete, but without the feast-or-famine route of public speaking, then blogging may be the option for you. Did you know that bloggers can make 6 & 7 figures a month simply by sharing their stories?

Consider just a few of the examples I’ve provided below. Do any of these storylines stir a passion in you?

  • You have a powerful personal story & want to share your story not only by sharing your athletic skill & knowledge but your stories too? Maybe you overcame a troubled past & had people who were willing to coach you toward a different path in life through sports?
  • Perhaps you were injured & it changed the nature of your play or ended your career? Perhaps a loved one got cancer & you chose a different life path, to walk away from sports?
  • You have a passion to mentor the next generation of players of your sport but you want to do more than coach or train. You have experiences to share about life’s dos and don’ts.
  • Maybe you want to be an agent and, as a former player, can share a perspective that few others can. You can educate about the subtle dangers that can damage an athlete’s brand.
  • Perhaps you want to be a financial adviser specifically for collegiate or pro athletes. You want to help them retain more of their money, make sound investments & learn how to put a financial gatekeeper in place so others cannot take advantage of their situation.

Any of these areas are begging for perspective in the sports world. Even if you find the rare blog or podcast that addresses your specific niche, there are NONE who are you or can be you. That is why knowing WHO you are & NOT WHAT YOU DO is so important!

What’s covered in the BRAND course :

  • Identifying your unique voice & platform, from your own perspective & experiences
  • Honing your leadership abilities
  • Coaching your weaknesses & areas that are holding you back from scaling & growing
  • Exploring & breaking down multiple methods of monetization
  • Discovering which platforms for scaling are right for you
  • Creating a sustainable business model that is unique to you & can grow as YOU grow

The BRAND program is 12 weeks